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Wine Tasting: Rugby, Wine and Rankings

Remember the Rugby and Wine post we did a little while back for the International Wine Tasting that Ruarri at Grape Thinking is doing? (It's o.k. - click here for a refresher). Well my husband and I have been watching all of the Rugby World Cup warm-up games which have caused a little shift in the rankings.

The top 10 teams going into the Rugby World Cup 2007 will be:

#1: New Zealand
#2: Australia
#3: France
#4: South Africa

Argentina has been bumped down a notch by Ireland (ya!) but so sad for the world of wine tastings in our house... looks like we're stuck drinking from only four nations. :)

Well what about our wines from here in the States?

Listen, I dumped Argentina for being 5th. Don't even get me started on the United States and their pathetic showing in the warm ups when they lost 6-10 to Munster (yes like the cheese). They are ranking in at 15 but I'm not expecting great things this year as they show little knowledge of the basics of the game - not even looking when they pass and let's not talk about the simple kicks missed.

Therefore I pledge to not drink any American wine in the month of September despite it being California Wine Month (there Joe, feel better now about being a month early?). I will be drinking and reviewing wines from the top four until we're left with two.

Look for our reviews here and at Grape Thinking for more fantastic picks - they're going to actually be in Paris for the games. Too much.


Alastair Bathgate said...

And what about England? The reigning world champions might have slipped of any sane person's list of favourites, but at least our wines are improving.
A by product of global warming? Look out - Sussex is the new Burgundy.

The Wino Club said...

My comments on English wine are, well, actually I didn't even know you all made wine! I thought Germany was the most Northernly wine region? What types of wine is England producing because I haven't seen any imports here (although I'm going to have to look harder now)?

As far as their Rugby team, I do enjoy watching the Red Rose play. Tomorrow you and I will be going toe to toe in the second day of the World Cup so I guess we'll find out just how long my ban on American wines is going to have to last!

Although, I do have to cheer for Ireland you know. Sorry.