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Pairing Raspberry with Chocolate

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with wine but yum... M&M is going to be releasing a limited edition "RaZZberry" flavor. Pairing raspberries with chocolate. Brilliant. I haven't seen them hit the stores yet but they do have a funny commercial on their site here. Don't even get me started on the new Dark Chocolate M&M's.

Now we just need to find the perfect wine to go with them... any suggestions?


Christine said...

Merlot will do just nicely. And I second your emotion about the dark chocolate M & M's. While I'm on topic, did you hear about the blond that was fired from the M & M factory. In her defense she said "I was just throwing out the W's".

The Wino Club said...

L.O.L. Christine! A nice juicy Merlot would go nicely but your joke cracked me up! Thanks for the morning laugh!