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Red Wine and Cancer

We know that our red wine is healthy for us. But the newest research actually had touted that it may be the cure for certain cancers as well.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry released a study in May stating that there is an antioxidant in red wine that actually killed human leukemia and lymphoma cells. How exciting is that breakthrough in the world of cancer research? Most importantly, how great do you feel to be a wino? Scientists tested the effectiveness of C-3-R (anachronysm for something you really don't want spelled out), which comes from the pigmentation chemical in the red grape skins and wine, on different types of leukemia cancer cells. The C-3-R produced peroxides that essentially killed off the cancer. Within 18 hours, all of the tested cells were dead. When they tested this on healthy cells, the cells remained undamaged. What this means is that the C-3-R kills off the bad and leaves the good, something that does not happen in radiation and chemotherapy where all cells are damaged.

I will be waiting anxiously for more news as their testing moves on from lab to animals. Hopefully this will be the huge breakthrough in cancer research that we've been waiting for.

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