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Online Wine Tasting

The world of wine blogging is fantastic to explore. There is a veritable hoard of information out there, from wine reviews to random rantings, some written more soberly than others. Some blogs post new articles almost daily while others lie as dormant as the wine they are collecting. But there is indeed a group of avid winos out there who are prolific and enthusiastically support each other in their pursuit of great wine.

Thus we come to Wine Blogging Wednesday. This is a blog tasting. That's right. A wine assignment is posted on Wednesday and then by a certain deadline everyone blogs about the wine. It certainly is one of the most creative ways I have seen to join forces with other winos and experience wines that may be passed up. One such tasting was boxed wines (sorry I missed that one, not) and last month was on Washington Cabs. There have been 34 tastings done so far since 2005 which is amazing for an online community.

This month the assignment is wines under $10 from Spain. Interested in finding out more? Go to for the details. Make sure to check in here for our pick. I'm definitely in for $10 and since we've been requested by the coordinators to avoid Rioja it's going to be a special challenge!

Happy tasting! Please let us know if you participate in this tasting because we'd love to hear all about it.

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