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The WIno Club: Female Winemakers Take over Spain

When I read this article in the Wall Street Journal I laughed so hard at one of the quotations from a female wine maker that I had to post it up here.  It appears that female entrants into the University to study the art have increased 40% in the past few years.  They have found a niche in Spain's wine world that accepts and nurtures them, but it of course is in the one region of Spain where they produce nothing but white wine, Albarino to be exact.  Of course the women end up in this region over the more masculine Rioja areas right? Here's the best quotation ever:

Some in the industry try to insult us by saying the AlbariƱo is a wine only for women," says Luisa Freire Plana, a winemaker at Bodega Santiago Ruiz. "But I think it's a wine that is too complex for some men."


The article gives a great history of the region and profiles a few of the women heading up the wine making in this region.  I will definitely be looking for some Albarino to taste soon -  on the drier side for me with crisp lemony flavors and the minerality of the nearby ocean. I highly recommend you read the original article posted here
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