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The Wino Club: Russian Wine

Many articles come across my desk, but one touting the upsurge of fine Russian wines that also happen to be naturally organic intrigued me. 

The problem is, I have never seen a Russian wine available to even begin to qualify this statement.  Most of the wine making history of Russia consists of high regulations and the inability or means for vintners to bottle their own product.  The wine is organic not because of environmental choice, but because of the lack of funds to buy pesticides. And let's face it,  from what I've heard, Russia had been producing for decades wine that could hardly be called that.  Not that I don't believe in second chances and a new resurgence of quality. 

With that in mind, I don't see that many Russian wine makers will be able to fund the cost of marketing and shipping their products to the United States and have not heard of many importers rushing out to Russia to import.  It would be most interesting to see the development of a new world product coming from this European nation.  Perhaps it will take less time than English wines to make it here to the States?

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