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The Wino Club: Cleavage Creek

We don't typically promote one wine over any others and I have to admit that I only just ordered this wine and have not tasted it yet.  But sometimes it just doesn't matter.  Cleavage Creek Cellars in Napa, California, features a different survivor on every bottle of wine and donates 10% back to breast cancer issues.  It's worth a taste just to know you can be socially responsible and drunk at the same time - love that!

Welcome to Cleavage Creek, a winery that’s passionate about celebrating life and fine wine. Owner Budge Brown and Cleavage Creek are dedicated to making exceptional wines and to fighting breast cancer. 10% of the gross proceeds of all wine sales will be donated to breast cancer research.  Enjoy the fine wines of Cleavage Creek and be a part of an effort to beat breast cancer.

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