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Wine Tasting: Birthday Wishes

Here is my wine tasting wish for my birthday. You see, it's my birthday today and I'm so excited. I always make a point of letting everyone know that it's my birthday well in advance so sorry for the late notice. It's a courtesy really to make sure people know how many shopping days are left but this present to me will be free.

This year I am asking for some certificates for the local wine shops so I can stock up on some great wines. Now my taste is not expensive but it is refined. I understand that you can get some beautiful wines on a budget (remember Spainish wines under $10?).

So here's what I'm asking you for: If you had a budget of let's say $100 and you wanted to get some great wines for drinking - not storing because I don't have the patience for that, what would you buy?

Post up your comments because I could use a little help here and I'll consider your contributions a perfect birthday present!

Thanks and Happy Birthday to Me!


Sean said...

"It's a courtesy really to make sure people know how many shopping days are left" <-- I love it! Hilarious.

Sorry, I can't suggest any wines, but...

I do want to wish you a happy birthday.

So, ummm, Happy Birthday!!!


GollyGumDrops said...

Pricing over here is a little different so it's hard to say, but I'd definitely look to Spain for fabulous value.

Have a great birthday.

The Wino Club said...

@sean Thank you for the birthday wishes, and yes, I do my best to be a conscious citizen.

@gollygumdrops (love that name) Spain may have to be a couple of picks, but I can't ignore my other old world countries either. And yes, the pricing varies as does the wines that are available in different countries. I will definitely be adding a Red Zinfandel from California to the list as its a favorite of mine but I know it is not widely available or price prohibitive outside the US. Lucky for me eh?

Anonymous said...

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