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Syrah – Hurrah (Wine Wino)

O.K. - cheesy rhyme. We know. But it’s finally a new year and the winter chill is in the air. So when we think about comfort soups and stews, we automatically thought of serving up some earthy Syrah or Shiraz.

This is a funny wine varietal because it has two very distinct styles – that of the Old World wines and that of the New World wine. We could spend our time right now discussing the merits of both types of wine. The debate would be long and lengthy and would be bound to offend someone (and we’re strictly non-confrontational here). So forget it. We won’t tell you which one is better. But we will tell you that they are different.

Old World Syrah comes from France, primarily from the Northern Rhone (Hermitage and Cote-Rotie). A trick to identifying Old World wines, especially those from France, is to know your regions. If the red wine you are picking up comes from the Northern Rhone, Syrah is the red grape grown there even if it does not list Syrah on the label. Shiraz is the New World equivalent of Syrah and comes from Australia, South Africa and California.

You will notice that in the Cheat Sheet for Syrah / Shiraz, there are two lists that don’t look like the same wine. You could schedule two separate parties for each because they differ so greatly. If you are really adventurous go for it in one evening.

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Sincerely, Darcy & Stacy

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