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Now What? (Wine Wino)

You already bought the kit…
Want a reason to use it?

The Wino Club™ is a Wine Tasting Club Starter Kit that goes beyond a normal wine party kit. It includes all of the materials and instructions to start a monthly wine tasting group with up to 40 friends.

So you have received a box for a gift or gifted one to yourself. Now what?

If you’re asking us that question then you probably have not read the instructions inside your box… but that’s o.k.. You can start by picking a day that works for you in the next 4 weeks. Don’t push it out further than that because then you’ll forget that you even have the kit and your club will never get started. Trust us – just commit to a day, pick your wine and then invite your friends.

A tip on picking your wine for the first party… you can go with our suggestions each month and then print out the newsletter for your members for tasting tips at . Afterwards, we highly recommend that your club members subscribe to the newsletter themselves since it is free!

Make sure you have your members sign up to host a month. We find that they are more compliant after the tasting!

After your first meeting log into our site at and post your party comments on our blog or email us some photos of your group and we’ll post you up.

Thank you so much for joining The Wino Club! We know you’ll love it!


Darcy Jones & Stacy Nelson
Owners and Original Winos

P.S. Don’t have a Wino Club kit? What are you waiting for – fun doesn’t just make itself you know? Go buy one right now and start your journey of wine and laughter with friends at


Cindy said...

Never had so much fun tasting marginal wine... just kidding! Sometimes the winner comes in the most unexpected bottle. Great way to try a whole bunch of wines with great friends! Thanks Darcy & Stacy

Kristi said...

I cannot tell you enough what a great time this is! Being a stay at home mom, I was needing an escape, so one of my best friends took me as a guest to the club she belongs to. Not only is the wine tasting a blast, the women you meet are wonderful, and you come home refreshed by spending a little time with your new friends. Laughter is the best medicine for your soul! I urge you to buy your start up kit and get your party started! Thanks again Darcy and Stacy for creating such an outlet for me. Thank you Rachel for introducing me to your priceless friends and all kinds of wine tasting!!